7 Important Things Your Car Accident Lawyer Wants You To Know

10 December 2021
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When car accidents occur, you need to be prepared. Here's what a car accident attorney would want you to do.

1. Call the police: When you get in an accident, you are understandably upset. It is important, however, to remain calm and call for help. You need to give the police accurate information on your location so they can get to you in a timely manner. Depending on the circumstances, they may ask you to move your car off to the side of the road for your safety.

2. Exchange information: When it is safe to do so, be sure to exchange information with the other driver. Ask for their name, address, phone number, and insurance information. Take a picture of their driver's license and license plate with your cell phone. If any witnesses have pulled over with you and the other driver, ask for their name and contact information as well.

Do not engage with anyone beyond that, however. Not only is it unsafe, but you may weaken a potential, future legal case. Try to remain seated in your vehicle until the police arrive. 

3. Contact your insurance company: Once you are finished with the police and have the other driver's information, you will need to contact your automobile insurance company. Their number should be located on your proof of insurance, but many agencies now have an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to file a claim right from your cell phone. If you have coverage for towing or a roadside assistance program and your car is not driveable, now would be the time to let them know that you need help getting home.

4. Take photos: Both your insurance agency, as well as your car accident attorney, will need pictures of the damage to your vehicle. Do not wait to take pictures of your vehicle. If your situation requires it, return to the scene of the accident to take pictures of the approach, the street signs, or any other pertinent images that may be necessary for future potential litigation.

5. Seek medical attention: Even if you feel fine now, it is important to seek medical attention. Many injuries, like whiplash or a concussion, do not appear until the next day or two. It is also important to have a record of your injuries on hand. In fact, whiplash, which is often caused during rear-end collisions, is very dangerous. According to the Mayo Clinic, while some patients heal on their own in a few weeks, there are others who develop chronic neck pain as a result.

Additionally, if you have any physical marks on your person from the accident, like cuts, scrapes, or bruises, be sure to show the medical professional on staff and take pictures to document the injuries.

6. Save all your paperwork: Any car accident lawyer will tell you to save all your paperwork, from the police report and contact information of the other driver to any medical reports and X-rays. While you may not understand the importance of some of the paperwork, your car accident attorney will want a clear picture of what happened including all the minute details.

7. Contact an attorney: Last, but certainly not least, you should contact an attorney. Depending on the circumstances of your accident and the laws of your case, you may have grounds for further compensation above and beyond what your insurance company has reimbursed you for repairs to your vehicle. 

If you complete the items above, your car accident attorney should have a clear picture of what happened and whether or not they can assist you further. Contact a car accident attorney for more information.