That’s Not Fair: 4 Signs You Were Discriminated Against At Work Due To Pregnancy

11 July 2018
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Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time in your life. Unfortunately, it can be anything but joyous if your employer has used this time to discriminate against you. Unfortunately, many new parents don't realize that they're being discriminated against. If they do know that they're being discriminated against, they may not realize that they have legal options at their disposal. If you feel that you've been discriminated against during your pregnancy, you need to speak to an employment attorney as soon as possible. Read More 

How Do You Add Collectible Items Into An Estate Plan?

8 June 2018
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Dividing up your assets between your heirs is often difficult -- although it's a necessary part of estate planning. However, there are additional complications involved when you start trying to divide collectible items. Whether you own a few odds and ends that have mostly sentimental value or a large collection of expensive vintage wines, leaving collectibles to your heirs requires some special planning. Frankly, it's pretty easy to divide the money you have. Read More 

When Rescue Teams Take Too Long To Pull You From Auto Wreckage: What Happens Next

9 May 2018
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You hear about it all the time; rescuers failed to get to a crash victim on time, or they failed to get a victim to a hospital before it was too late. What if that were to happen to you? What can you do if rescuers are too late to prevent major injuries from preventing you from walking again? If you find yourself in this position, try to stay alert as long as you are able. Read More 

Get Your Project Started Right With A Construction Lawyer

14 April 2018
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Major construction projects are complex and complicated undertakings. The planning stage is critical when it comes to ensuring the success of the construction project. Many builders make the mistake of failing to hire a construction lawyer to assist with the planning process. Having a legal professional oversee your planning activities can help you avoid major delays and complications as your construction project progresses. A construction lawyer can draft contracts. It takes a lot of people to complete the construction of a large building. Read More 

Factors That Impact The Timing Of Your Worker’s Compensation Hearing

12 February 2018
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Once you have filed a worker's compensation claim after getting hurt on the job, the next thing you will need to do is attend your hearing. Hearings are generally scheduled shortly after your injury, but the timing can be impacted in various ways. The timing of your hearing will impact when you start receiving benefits. The following are some things that can affect the timing of your worker's compensation hearing: Read More