How to Determine If Creditors Have a Right to Your Personal Injury Settlement

10 September 2020
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If you have been involved in an accident, the expenses you face can be enough to put you in serious financial straits. In some cases, you may even consider filing for bankruptcy in response to the financial strain you are facing. However, if you are likely to receive a settlement as a result of your accident, your bankruptcy might impact your personal injury case. 1. Bankruptcy and Your Assets When filing for bankruptcy, you are required to disclose any assets that you own. Read More 

Is Your Loved One Showing Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect Or Abuse?

7 August 2020
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When you have to place your elderly loved one in a nursing home because you are unable to take care of them, you hope, pray, and trust that they well be properly taken care of. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Even if the signs are there, it can be difficult to accept that your loved one is not being treated right. Be aware of the warning signs of nursing home neglect and abuse so that you can take the proper steps to get justice. Read More 

Things To Consider Before Writing Your Will Yourself

13 July 2020
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While nobody wants to write their own will, doing so will help you have control over what happens to your assets and you can make life much more difficult for your family. You could write your will entirely on your own without the help of a probate lawyer, but there are several reasons why this can backfire. What If You Don't Write a Will? If you fail to write a will, your property will go through a probate process know as intestate succession. Read More 

Estranged Spouse? 5 Financial Reasons Not To Delay Divorce

5 June 2020
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Have you been putting off getting a legal divorce from your estranged spouse? While divorce is almost never easy and can be even more complicated when you no longer have contact with your spouse, you have many reasons to go to the trouble. Here are just a few of the most important financial reasons.  1. Your Spouse Manages Marital Assets. Assets obtained or used during your marriage are generally part of shared assets that you and your spouse would divide during a divorce. Read More 

When To Hire A Real Estate Tax Attorney

29 April 2020
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When you purchase and own property, you might occasionally find yourself in a situation in which you need to hire an attorney. For example, there are real estate tax attorneys out there who provide services for property buyers and owners who need them. Different attorneys in the real estate industry provide different services, but these are some of the scenarios when you may want to hire a real estate tax attorney. Read More