Mistakes to Avoid When Settling Your Car Accident Case

15 June 2021
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Being involved in a car accident can be an experience that many individuals will go through at some point during their lives. While this can be a common situation for people to face, there are many mistakes that can be made which will weaken the victim's ability to pursue compensation for the damages and losses that the accident caused them.

Failing To Alert The Police And Obtain An Accident Report

Immediately after an accident, the police should be notified so that an accident report of the incident can be prepared. When a person does not have these reports created, the facts surrounding the accident can be far more difficult to prove. This may allow the defendant to be able to successfully avoid paying the compensation that the victim would otherwise be entitled to. By obtaining a police report of the accident, you can have an accurate and official description of the accident, which can be invaluable as you are negotiating with the insurance or the defense.

Not Seeking Out A Medical Evaluation

Making the time to undergo a medical evaluation can be another step that you should take after an accident. These evaluations can allow for the injuries or other medical complications that may have resulted from the accident to be documented and for your treatment to be started. The injuries that an auto accident can cause may not always be readily noticeable when they first occur. A comprehensive medical evaluation can allow for joint injuries, back problems, and other consequences of the accident to be discovered. This may increase the compensation that can be awarded for the case by providing ample proof of these injuries as well as their cause.

Attempting To Speak With The Insurance Or Defense Without An Attorney

Attempting to speak with the insurance or the defense without having an attorney to represent you can be a mistake that may have long-lasting and dire consequences for your case. These parties might have a strong incentive to attempt to trick or coerce individuals into agreeing to settlements that are worth far less than the actual value of the case. This is often done by attempting to have the victim admit to responsibility for the accident in a way that could lessen the liability of the defense. Having an attorney to represent you throughout these discussions is one of the most effective ways of resolving these matters without the risk of weakening your case as a result of failing to fully understand the questions that are being asked or the meaning of the words that you use when speaking to the defense.

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