5 Everyday Issues Business Lawyers Can Address

19 November 2019
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When folks think of business lawyers, they typically imagine them dealing with contracts. That's certainly a part of the job, but they're able to help their clients with a lot more, too. Take a look at five everyday issues a business attorney can assist you with.


Most states and municipalities have regulations regarding what types of signage you can put up. These rules are often aimed at preventing visual pollution, such as Hawaii's strict rules that prevent the use of outdoor billboards under many circumstances. It's also common for communities to have rules that limit the size, placement, and even styles of signs. A business lawyer can help you navigate these rules, preventing potentially thousands of dollars in fines.

Professional Licensing

Regulation of professional licensing can be highly varied, especially on a state-to-state basis. It's always a good idea to talk with a business lawyer about what the professional licensing requirements are in your industry and in the state where you work. You may also want to inquire about issues like guarantees, sureties, insurance, and bonds.


With the advent of more mobile businesses, such as food trucks, it's more important than ever before to get serious about zoning. For example, a woman in Philadelphia — a former lawyer, in fact — had her cupcake truck seized by the police for unknowingly being in the wrong zone without a business permit. In order to operate a truck-based business legally in the city, she would have had to obtain a vendor's license for each zone she intended to operate in. A business lawyer can ensure that you have the proper permits for the zones you operate in.

Advertising Claims

There are few things as risky as making claims in your advertisements. Lawyers know this better than most because a common source of malpractice claims in law is making guarantees that can't always be delivered on. A similar problem may occur when a company asserts that its products are the best or that it can do something specific. It's wise to always have your advertising copy reviewed by business lawyers before finalizing things.

Sourcing Products

Some government concerns about the sourcing of products, such as fruits and vegetables, are easily justified by the need to control pests and diseases. Restrictions can get much bigger, though, when governments start engaging in trade protection and political disputes, especially ones involving other states or nations overseas. A business lawyer can help you legally source products from other countries.

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