Get Your Project Started Right With A Construction Lawyer

14 April 2018
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Major construction projects are complex and complicated undertakings. The planning stage is critical when it comes to ensuring the success of the construction project. Many builders make the mistake of failing to hire a construction lawyer to assist with the planning process. Having a legal professional oversee your planning activities can help you avoid major delays and complications as your construction project progresses.

A construction lawyer can draft contracts.

It takes a lot of people to complete the construction of a large building. You will need to work with general contractors and subcontractors who specialize in specific areas of the construction industry. Money will exchange hands as services are provided by these construction specialists.

Having contracts in place will allow you to protect yourself against fraud or poor service that might compromise the quality of your construction project. An attorney can help you draft contracts that will clearly outline the responsibilities of your contractors so that you will have the ability to seek legal recourse if a contractor doesn't follow through.

A construction lawyer can ensure compliance.

As you complete a major construction project, you will need to ensure that your building activities are in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. These regulations are constantly changing and being updated, so it can be difficult to stay informed.

Construction lawyers specialize in working with these regulations. You can rely on a construction attorney to help you identify any regulations that apply to your building project, and you can work with your attorney to draft a construction plan that will ensure your compliance with these regulations so that you avoid any penalties or fines.

A construction lawyer can assist with permits.

Government entities oversee each step of the construction process. You must gain approval for your construction plans before you can break ground on your project. This approval is given in the form of permits. Applying for building permits can be a time consuming and daunting process.

Construction lawyers have the knowledge and experience required to help you streamline the permitting process. You can supply your attorney with any pertinent information, and he or she can apply for the required permits on behalf of your company.

Allowing your attorney to handle the acquisition of permits ensures that you will have the required approval needed to start construction, and it will reduce your stress levels during the planning phase of your project.