Projecting A Favorable Image When Fighting A Criminal Offense

20 May 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you are in the process in fighting a criminal charge, you are most likely worried about getting convicted and the possibility of large fines and/or jail time. If your charge is going to be analyzed in a courtroom situation, knowing how to give a positive impression to those who will be responsible for deciding your fate is extremely important. Here are some tips you can use to help boost your chances of having jury members come out with a positive outcome for your case.

Dress With The Courtroom In Mind

It is extremely important to dress professionally when you are expected to be in court. Refrain from wearing jeans, sneakers, and other street wear. Dressing as if you were going to an office job is best as it will show you are concerned about making a favorable impression to those you come into contact with. If you have piercings, make sure to remove any visible jewelry and cover any tattoos from view as well. Wear your hair in a respectable style and consider coloring your hair to a natural shade if you normally alter it with a bright hue.

Make Sure To Listen To All Information Provided

When you spend your time listening to attorneys giving their testimonies about the crime that had been committed, it is best to avoid interrupting, even if the information being provided is false. You will get your turn to give your synopsis of what had occurred, and those hearing the case details will be more inclined to listen to your recount during your allotted time rather than via outbursts when others are speaking. This demeanor will be deemed as professional and will show you are attentive rather than defensive.

Use Proper Mannerisms Throughout Your Court Date

From the moment you arrive at court to the moment you leave, it is best to be courteous to every person you see on the premises. If you take actions that make you appear angry, uncaring, or bored, this is likely to have an impact on your case should someone of importance pick up on gestures or verbal snippets that are deemed as less than favorable. This includes time you spend in the restroom, on an elevator, or in a waiting area. Treating others with kindness throughout your court session will give you a positive image, helping jurors to see you are concerned about your image.

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