4 Reasons You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer To Help Gather Witnesses

19 April 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you are filing a personal injury lawsuit, you are going to want witnesses. If you know there were witnesses present, then it's important you gather the witnesses to provide their testimony in court if your case ends up going this far. Here are four reasons to talk to personal injury attorneys about your case:

  1. A Lawyer Can Build Your Witness Up: Many times, witnesses are fearful to show up in court. This is because of the misconception that the court room is a scary place (television can be blamed for that). Luckily, your lawyer can build your witness up to make them feel confident in their statements and less fearful to show up in court to present it.

  2. A Lawyer Can Make the Witness Feel Needed: Since your lawyer has experience with using witness statements in court, your lawyer can perfectly describe the importance of your witnesses role in providing their statement with plenty of examples. This way, your witness better understands their importance instead of letting it roll off their shoulders and thus not showing up in court.

  3. A Lawyer Can Gather Unknown Witnesses: Although the witnesses present at the scene of the accident are the most important, they will be gathered first. However, your lawyer will also know the importance of gathering witnesses that may have been overlooked. This includes witnesses who have suffered an injury from the same party responsible. These witnesses are vital in helping to prove extreme negligence on the part of the responsible party.

  4. A Lawyer Can Help Shape Their Story: Often times, witnesses will lie or fabricate their side of the story. This is usually because they are fearful to use the words "I don't know." Luckily, your lawyer can help shape their story and emphasize the importance of saying "I don't know" if that is the truth. Answering with "I don't know" is important for your witness to use instead of fabricating the story because then it leads to your witness no longer be credible, therefore not being useful to your case whatsoever.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer when filing a personal injury lawsuit is extremely important, especially when it comes to gathering witnesses who will help defend your case perfectly giving very little reason for doubt. Gathering witnesses on your own can be challenging, especially if you are still injured and unable to leave your home or the hospital. Talk with your attorney right away for help.