Holiday Traffic: How To Avoid Freight Truck Collisions

16 December 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog


With the busy holiday season approaching, millions of families will be driving on the highways to visit family and friends. With this many people on the roads this time of year, there is an elevated risk of car and truck accidents. Along with family and leisure traveling, there are higher amounts of freight trucks on the roads as well, delivering goods all over the country. With all of this extra traffic, drivers must be careful in order to avoid tragedy. In order to avoid a major accident with trucks, keep the following things in mind:

Leave Some Space

The very best way you can avoid an accident with a truck is to give them enough room to move around. They are not able to see you as well, so they need enough room in between your vehicle and theirs in the event they need to move quickly. These types of trucks cannot stop quickly if another car moves in front of them or cuts them off. By providing them with enough space between yourself and the truck, you are reducing the likelihood of a tragic accident this holiday season.

Do Not Get Into Their Blind Spot

Another thing to keep in mind is that freight trucks have very large blind spots. This is the area around his or her truck in which they cannot clearly see. If you get into their blind spot and stay there, they could accidently try to merge while you are still in the lane. In order to stay out of a truck's blind spot, stay far back enough that you can see the truck's mirrors. That way, the will be able to see you at all times and not collide with your vehicle.

Slow Your Speed

You should also aim to pay attention to your speed when driving near freight trucks. You do not want to go under the speed limit as that can also pose dangerous, but avoid speeding as well. This is especially necessary if the weather conditions become harsh. Wintry weather is prevalent this time of year. Bad weather mixed with additional traffic and freight trucks can be a dangerous combination.

If an accident with a freight truck does occur, you will need to be in touch with your attorney to see if your damages can be covered. However, if you are found to be the cause of the accident due to any of the above, you can be held responsible for not only your damages but those of the freight truck also.