Helpful Advice for Finding the Right Social Security Lawyer When Applying for Benefits

24 March 2020
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Social Security Disability is an important program for those who can no longer work because of a crippling disability. Applying for these benefits involves a lot of steps, but they'll be more manageable to deal with when you get assistance from a Social Security lawyer. Finding the right one today will be easy if you take advantage of this advice.  Pay Attention to Experience When you start applying for Social Security Disability, you want advice you can trust from a Social Security lawyer. Read More 

Admitting Guilt In A DUI Arraignment May Cost You In The Long Run

21 January 2020
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Admitting guilt in a DUI case is giving up, and it can cost you in fees, loss of license, and even jail time. Even when you know you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you can win your case with DUI lawyer services involved. You have the right to fight your charges, and it is always in your best interest to try and do so. Some people don't take the public defender offered, thinking they can represent their case on their own. Read More 

Can You Get A DUI Without Driving A Car? What You Need To Know

21 January 2020
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If you have spent an evening drinking and you know you are not safe to drive home, you may think that you can just take a nap in your car until you feel well enough to drive. However, just taking a quick nap in your car can land you in trouble. You could even get arrested for driving under the influence. Here is what you need to know: Do You Have to Be Driving to Get Arrested for DUI? Read More 

Scenarios Where You Might File a Wrongful Death Suit Following a 911 Call

11 December 2019
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Your local police department likely helps to save lives every week, but there may be circumstances in which you believe that the department's actions led to the death of a loved one. The situation can be overt — for example, a police officer fatally shooting one of the members of your family. However, there can be many other scenarios in which you believe that the police department had a role in the death of the victim. Read More 

5 Everyday Issues Business Lawyers Can Address

19 November 2019
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When folks think of business lawyers, they typically imagine them dealing with contracts. That's certainly a part of the job, but they're able to help their clients with a lot more, too. Take a look at five everyday issues a business attorney can assist you with. Signs Most states and municipalities have regulations regarding what types of signage you can put up. These rules are often aimed at preventing visual pollution, such as Hawaii's strict rules that prevent the use of outdoor billboards under many circumstances. Read More