Services A Corporate Law Firm Can Provide

23 August 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


The legal needs of a corporation can be far more complicated than sole proprietor businesses. Fortunately, there are law firms that are able to cater to the complex legal needs that corporate clients may have.

Comprehensive Liability Assessments

Risk management and mitigation will be essential responsibilities for any leadership team. Unfortunately, these professionals may not be able to effectively meet this need due to a poor understanding of the actual liabilities that the business may face. A corporate law firm can assist you with better understanding these risks, along with the steps and policies that can help your business to mitigate this risk. In some cases, this may involve the use of legal waivers, terms and conditions, and insurance policies.

Formalizing The Corporate Structure Of The Company

Corporate enterprises will typically have more complex ownership structures, as these enterprises may have multiple investors, stakeholders, and other individuals with a legal claim to the business. Formalizing the corporate ownership structure for the business can reduce the risk of conflicts, lawsuits, and other disruptions related to ownership conflicts among these parties. A corporate law firm can assist you with the preparation of a corporate ownership structure that will reflect the unique arrangement that your business may have in place. These structural agreements should also include buyout procedures and the responsibilities of each of the owners of the corporation, and this may require these individuals to negotiate among themselves before meeting with an attorney so that they can provide a basic explanation of their group's preferences for these matters.

Contract Preparation And Review

Corporations will need to enter and exit legal agreements fairly regularly. This can lead to a need for these companies to retain corporate law firms to review the contents of proposed contracts along with creating new contracts for partners, suppliers, and other important agreements. It is generally a best practice to enter these agreements with an option to exit, and a corporate law firm can assist with negotiating these terms, as well as reviewing contracts to verify that you will have a way to exit if the agreements sour.

A corporate law firm will be uniquely positioned to meet the legal needs of small and large corporate firms. By appreciating the unique legal needs that this type of business will have, you may have a stronger appreciation for the important services that a corporate law firm will be able to provide your company.