Custody Issues? Hire A Family Law Attorney

19 June 2017
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Unfortunately, not all marriages last and when they end some can get a bit nasty. Quite often the problem revolves around money, however, there are also many times when the problem involves children. This can include issues with child custody, child support, or visitation rights. The best way to get these things resolved is with an attorney with experience in family law services. Here are just a few things that he or she can do for you.

Child Custody

Contrary to how things used to be, primary custody does not automatically go to the mother. In fact, more often than not, there is some type of joint custody awarded where both parents have equal time with the children. If you feel you have been denied your right to your children a family lawyer will take the case back to court and fight for your rights. The initial order could be due to a problem you had, such as drug abuse, that would not have been good for the children. Your lawyer will gather the proof necessary to prove that you are not a danger to the kids and that they deserve to spend time with you. This could include getting letters from friends, relatives, doctors, and employers detailing how you have changed.

Child Support

Child support is not for your ex-spouse. It is for the children. However, if you find that the amount you have to pay is causing you serious financial difficulties it can be changed. Do not ask for a lesser amount because you cannot afford to buy the boat you want, but if the reason is due to a major change in your income, your lawyer can address this with the court. Also, if your ex is constantly badgering you for extra money, have your lawyer write up a letter telling him or her to stop. If this continues you may have to go to court to have the situation reviewed. Your child deserves to live the lifestyle he or she was accustomed to while the family was together but does not deserve a trip to Paris at your expense if it was not something you would have been able to afford while the marriage was intact.

Visitation Rights

If you have missed some of your child support payments it does not give your ex cause to keep you from seeing your kids. Any visitation rights you were awarded in the divorce need to be kept as they were written until a judge makes a change. This means that you cannot keep changing your days with the kids to suit your social schedule. Of course, it also means that your ex cannot demand you take different days either. A family lawyer will ensure that your rights are maintained and you will see your kids as the law prescribed.

Issues regarding children in a divorce are decided upon in the best interest of the children. Lawyers, judges, teachers, and even counselors can be called upon to make sure that the children are cared for, safe, and happy. That should be how you feel about things too.